About us

Social networks flood users’ feeds with hidden agendas, which is the result of auctioning off their data to the highest bidder.

Uhive is an entirely different type of social network - we leverage our own cryptocurrency - Uhive Token HVE2 - to create revenue streams that include peer-to-peer transactions, the sale of NFTs, and interest-based advertising, as well as the sale of in-app digital assets, so that a user’s privacy is never compromised in the name of profit.

Journey so far...

Uhive was launched on Google Play and the App Store in May 2020, and has seen explosive growth since, reaching 400,000 registered users by April 2021.

Because we built the social media element first, we proved the network model, THEN we listed our crypto token (HVE2), on exchanges. Because of this our token is backed by REAL utility, not speculation (like most others cryptos), users can immediately experience the value of owning HVE2.

Over $1 million in HVE2 trades occurred within the first two-weeks of our token going live!


It’s our mission is to create the most rewarding, creative, fun, and transparent social media platform in the world!

Via paywalls, peer-to-peer transactions, creating NFTs, and Uhive’s Marketplace, users will earn, spend and trade HVE2 tokens for cash, digital assets, other cryptocurrencies and MORE all while doing what they’ve been doing for years without any reward!.

Decentralised moderation (DeMo) means NO CENSORSHIP, only freedom of choice, to only see the content you want to.

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Our community have created over 8 million posts so far!

Uhive raised over $1 million from over 600 investors during our first ever UK-based crowdfund in 2020.

Uhive’s unique approach to social means we’ve been featured in numerous articles on Entrepreneur, Inc, Yahoo Finance, AMB Crypto, Cointelegraph and many more.

We’ve listed Uhive Token HVE2 on two top-20 cryptocurrency exchanges

Leadership team

Muayyad Shehadeh


Robert Thomas

Marketing Channel Manager

Gerald Hahn

Senior Advisor

Zaid Amir

Head of Development
Blockchain Specialist

Manuel Heilmann

Senior Advisor

Robert Stoeppel

Senior Advisor

Kassandra Cunningham

Social Media Specialist

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