A Universal Income for All (Dividends)

Our vision is simple – to share our platform’s revenue by distributing daily dividends (a universal income) to our entire user base, unconditionally (no data mining, no privacy intrusions - no strings attached).

How does it work?

With people joining Uhive every day and more tokens being bought, sold and traded - this will directly influence the number of tokens we will be distributing to users. In other words

The more token trading, the more people joining Uhive - the more tokens users will earn!

Track your tokens!

Keep an eye on all the tokens you’re earning and buying.

All the tokens you purchase, or earn via awards, tipping and engagement, will be displayed in real-time on the app’s new dynamic token card.

Increase your social scale to increase your content’s visibility, showing up in the top results for search and in Discover.

Download Uhive

Download Uhive