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 Uhive is disrupting social media to become the social network of the future 

100,000 users , 3 million posts , and still in beta

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It utilizes its own unique digital currency, the Uhive Token, allowing users to conveniently and quickly make economic exchanges

The Top 5 Startups to Watch in 2020... First, there’s Uhive, a new kind of social experience that attempts to redefine social media.

Uhive plans to meet expectations with a slick new layout and innovative features

Uhive is an emerging social media network that utilizes a unique token—the Uhive Token—as a form of currency within its platform.

Uhive works on the principle of showing users content they opt-into by asking them to select their interests. There’s no big bad algorithm.

A new social media era is coming. You’ve heard of blockchain. You’ve heard of social media. Now it’s time that they blended into one. Meet Uhive.

10 Blockchain Ideas That Are Out-of-This-World, or May Change It

Uhive is positioning itself as the social network of the future.

That’s right, you’re able to sell, purchase, and trade within the network.

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