The Five Laws of the Metaverse
Why without them everything else is doomed to fail
Law #1 The Law of Freedom

A Metaverse must offer complete freedom by utilising decentralization wherever possible

Law #2 The Law of Wealth

A Metaverse must aim to create a global universal income for every single user by allowing and facilitating the distribution of wealth

Law #3 The Law of Democracy

A Metaverse must democratize the entire social system by allowing users to control its policies through councils and public boards

Law #4 The Law of Economies

A Metaverse must be based on the circular economy, meaning everything is considered a digital asset, and is sellable and tradable using the blockchain

Law #5 The Law of Infinite Connections

A Metaverse must encompass and connect all of the above Laws in a virtual world, acting as a bridge to our physical world

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