Magna Carta Protocol (DeMo)

The Magna Carta was written over 800 years ago, but its main provisions still resonate today within free societies in the physical world. The principle is that all individuals are created equal and have the same right to be heard and judged by their peers only. Inspired by this, Uhive’s decentralized moderation (DeMo) protocol was born.

Wikipedia-Style Moderation

By taking a cue from Wikipedia, but also introducing our own proprietary design for community moderation, we’re giving everyone the opportunity to become a moderator on Uhive.

User Experience

On Uhive, users are given the space and freedom to express themselves. Through DeMo, users can explore their favorite content and meet like-minded individuals who share their beliefs, and interests.

A Safe Space

By allowing everyone to post content freely on Uhive, the option to engage with, ignore, or completely avoid other users exists. Those with opposing views have a safe space to debate their different points of view, and marginalized groups have a voice on Uhive, instead of being banned, consequently forcing the groups to go underground.

Apply to become a moderator

(you will need your parents’ consent if you are under 18)