Uhive Podcasts
Utalk EP14
Andrew Rossow

Appearing on the BBC and Bloomberg, Andrew currently serves as the News Editor at BeInCrypto

Utalk EP13
Marie Tatibouet

Being one of the largest exchanges in the world, Gate.io has a over 1300 (plus one 😉) coins listed and 10 million registered users.

Utalk EP12
Shawn Coss

Jay & Rob are joined by the one-of-a-kind multi-talented artist - Shawn Coss
Creating art for as long as he can remember, Shawn has had quite the impressive journey, from skipping class to create art, to now making over a million dollars from his highly successful business.

Utalk EP11

Jay & Rob are joined by the multi-talented Jessica Ragzy Ewud, creator of her very own unique Lego NFTs. These one-of-a-kind NFTs have led her work to be displayed alongside the likes of world famous artists Jerry Garcia and Salvador Dali in prestigious art shows. She's also starred on TV's Lego Masters (which was produced by Brad Pitt coincidentally).

Utalk EP10

Saif is the founder and CEO of ISHU, the clothing and accessory line that offers innovative solar technology to maintain your privacy with anti-flash technology: which hides someone wearing ISHU while highlighting the design. He has worked with many celebrities, with the likes of Kevin Hart, Jay-Z and Beyoncé wearing and using his products, as well as a collaboration with McLaren.

Utalk EP09
Jean Hatchet

Jay & Rob are joined by Jean Hatchet. She is a radical feminist activist who campaigns on the issues of men's violence against women. Jean runs 'Ride For Murdered Women' a project which pays tribute to the lives of women murdered by men they knew. Her opinions around women's rights to single-sex care have caused controversy on Twitter and as led her and her family to suffer outrageous abuse online.

Utalk EP08
Joel Comm

Jay & Rob are joined by Joel Comm. A successful author, speaker, podcaster and entrepreneur. In today’s episode we delve deeper into the crypto world, gaming NFTs, the rapid surge of Baakt and discuss whether Facebook’s days are numbered?

Utalk EP07
Adrian Zduńczyk

Adrian Zduńczyk, better known as Crypto Birb, has over half a million followers across social networks and a crypto enterprise with partnerships ranging from Polka Dex to World Token and Chainge (not a typo), as well as being Business Insider and MSN's go-to-crypto-expert. Jay & Rob are joined by one of the world's biggest crypto influencers and analysts to discuss topics ranging from taking the power away from central governance (Mr Zuckerberg), how crypto is changing the world and how Uhive could potentially be a key component to this accomplishing this.

Utalk EP06
Calvin Robinson

Jay & Rob are joined this week by Calvin Robinson. Calvin is a political commentator and free speech activist. He is a regular contributor to the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail as well as appearing frequently on talkRadio, GB News and has even been interviewed by the infamous Piers Morgan. We discuss Free Speech in society and why Uhive’s Magna Carta Protocol is of great importance to both the digital as well as physical world.

Utalk EP05
Chris Trueman

Jay & Rob are joined this week by Chris Trueman, Chris is an LA-based painter and digital artist who has exhibited his work internationally and domestically in the US. Chris continues to explore the relationship between the physical and digital through paintings, hybrid and purely digital works. In the next coming days, he is about to drop an exclusive collection on Uhive’s

Utalk EP04
Theo Priestley

Joining Utalk this week we have futurist, best-selling author, TED Talk speaker, and guest writer for sites like The Times, WIRED, and Huffington Post - Theo Priestley. We discuss all things Metaverse and why Zuckerberg’s Facebook Metaverse ambitions doesn't have any legs - just like his VR avatars!

Utalk EP03
Landon Bonneville

Jay & Rob are joined by Landon Bonneville, here they discuss Landon’s career in baseball, sneaker design and Uhive. Make sure you check out our NFT Marketplace to purchase Landon’s special NFTs. You can login to the Marketplace with code LANDON55

Utalk EP02
Uhive's recent success

Welcome to our second episode of Utalk. In this episode we cover Uhive’s recent success ranging from the NFT Marketplace, Staking program, and the recent coverage in the press. There is also a competition to win invite codes to the NFT Market place so make sure you listen carefully all the way through.

Utalk EP01
Marketplace, Future of NFTs, & Uhive's 'Creator-First' Approach

Jay & Rob discuss all things NFTs and how you could be the next NFT superstar on Uhive.