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Uhive Roadmap

  Our roadmap discloses everything the Uhive team has worked on and will be working on, towards achieving our goal of becoming a top global social network, and to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.  

Feb / 2020
  • Beta version goes public on Android
  • iOS beta version is released on TestFlight
  • Release Uhive Token

May / 2020
  • The ability to buy Uhive tokens from within the app for Android and iOS
  • Introduce the ability to buy spaces and space names within the app
  • Content feeds including trending are enhanced
  • 100+ new features introduced

July / 2020
  • iOS is released on the App Store with in-app token purchases
  • Android app is enhanced, and more features added to backend
  • Uhive reaches 100,000 users and 4 million posts

Nov / 2020
  • Chat and messenger including groups goes live
  • New 3D exploration
  • Personal profile space introduced

Dec / 2020
  • Content tokenization allowing users to send awards and tokens to one another to show appreciation for posts/spaces
  • 30 new features will be added

Q1 / 2021
  • Uhive is listed on multiple exchanges.
  • Enhanced iOS and Android apps
  • Reached 300,000 active users

Q2 / 2021

Q3 / 2021
  • Opened Uhive Marketplace to ALL users
  • Launched 'smart comments' on all posts
  • Magna Carta Initiative sign-up launched in the app

Q4 / 2021
  • Now everyone can create an NFT on Uhive and list on Uhive's Marketplace!
  • We reached our end-of-year goal of 1 million users

Q1 / 2022
  • Dividends for All program launched - now everyone can join and earn daily tokens
  • Freedom of speech is HERE. Community moderation is launched in beta to select users
  • Uhive’s Metaverse Affiliate program launches

Q2 / 2022
  • Uhive’s BIGGEST update is released
  • Buy your next space with one click under Digital Assets
  • Track you digital asset investments across Uhive
  • Community moderation is now open to everyone!

Q3 / 2022
  • New Users Interface (Simplification of the App)
  • Improving Users Social Scale / Reputation; a new formula to score

Q4 / 2022
  • Introducing new rewarding system; User Engagement - Converted to rewards, Ability to Earn unlimited Token (Share of Wealth Concept Revealed)
  • Q4 / 2023
    Unveiling the Future: Q4/2023 on Uhive's Horizon!
    • iOS Global Release: Bringing Uhive to Apple enthusiasts worldwide.
    • Meet Uvi: Your new Intelligent Social Navigator.
    • New AI Recommendation Engine: Personalized experiences, powered by AI.
    • Global Alliance Forming: Broadening horizons with industry partnerships.

    Q1 / 2024
    • Working on new Tier 1 Exchanges and more Liquidity providers
    • Initiate Open Spaces/Space Name Trading
    • Enable trading of Post/Space/Space names as NFTs

    Q3 / 2024
    • Introduction of Oasis 3D with innovative user experiences
    • Enable users to build their own digital world, all valuable and tradable