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Coming Q1/2023

Introducing Pro Creators Studio

Yes, an innovative video editor better than Tiktok that will allow you to create original content with music, unique filters and brand it to your space

Originals™️: Only On Uhive

Original videos will generate unlimited revenue for their creators and can only be found on Uhive Social Network

Decentralized Moderation (Freedom of speech)

We don't decide what's right or wrong. Our users will decide using our in-house developed protocol as a collective (Wikipedia style); anyone can become a moderator, and all moderators can voice their opinions.

It's all built in from day one. That is what will make Uhive prevail.


Challenge your friends who are on top, see top spaces and leaderboards for everything, engagement, fun rewards and much more

You will stay on your toes while using Uhive!

Who would be the richest person on Uhive?

Complete Tokenization

Everything in Uhive was designed from day one to be completely tokenized. It's time to expose it; everything will have value in Uhive.

It will change how people use social networks forever!

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