Meet Uhive Token

This is Uhive’s very own digital currency. The tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain to power transactions across the network. You can use the Uhive Token to purchase goods and services inside Uhive.

Can I buy Uhive tokens?

Uhive tokens can be purchased through the app or web portal. You can pay for your tokens using several popular payment methods including Paypal, and Google Pay.

Can I earn Uhive tokens?

Tokens can be earned by using the app and simply posting great content in your spaces. The more you engage with content and the more engagement your content gets - the more you earn!
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Uhive Tokens Explained

How are Uhive tokens similar to other cryptocurrencies?

They have a monetary value which means they can be bought through the mobile app or web console. On March 31st, the Uhive Token will be enlisted on cryptocurrency exchanges. This will allow Uhive Tokens to be traded for fiat currency, or to be exchanged for other popular cryptocurrencies.

How are Uhive tokens different from other cryptocurrencies?

Uhive tokens have two primary differentiators; it’s the only currency that can be used across every transaction on the Uhive network. Whether that’s to purchase goods and services, promote content, buy spaces and space names, or even special effects. The tokens will also be used to cycle back value to users through revenue share, rewards and enhanced gamification.

What’s a Uhive Token worth?

Currently 333 tokens are valued at $1.00. Uhive tokens are limited in supply and are intrinsically linked to Uhive’s Spaces Index which displays in real-time all primary transactions on the network.

Where can I keep my tokens?

Every account created on Uhive comes with its own in-app digital wallet where you can store your Uhive tokens. Alternatively, because Uhive tokens are built on the ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain, you can move your tokens from your internal wallet to any external wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens.

Why should I own Uhive tokens?

Uhive tokens fuel the Uhive network, so as the network grows and becomes more impactful so will the importance of its fuel.

How does Uhive's economy work?

Uhive is more transparent than existing social media networks, and actually gives users the opportunity to own their content and earn from it through Uhive tokens. Uhive’s circular economy means value is sent right back into sustaining the community, not lining the pockets of corporate owners, creating a value-network that benefits everyone.

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Read the Uhive whitepaper to learn everything about the vision for Uhive’s digital economy