Uhive Rules

The Uhive Community Guidelines have been established to make it as simple as possible for every user to understand how Uhive stays a safe space for everyone. We want our users to be comfortable being themselves online, without overstepping any boundaries. By using Uhive you are agreeing to these guidelines and our Terms of Service. Should you violate any of the policies listed, it may result in your space being suspended and/or your account getting deleted from Uhive.

• Respect Fellow Uhivers

We choose to deliver a positive community with diversity. We take away credible threats or hate speech content, content that pursues private individuals to degrade or disgrace them, and personal data intended to blackmail or harass someone. We do generally encourage more desirable conversations between our users. It's forbidden to motivate violence or assault toward a person based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disabilities, or diseases. We allow content aimed at rais awareness and countering hate speech. In these conditions, we ask that you specify your intent clearly. We cautiously overview reports of threats and reflect on consideration of many matters when identifying whether or not a risk is credible.

• Trolling and Impersonation

Uhive does not tolerate the use of false usernames to deliberately mislead others. Be your authentic self.

• Pornography and Nudity

For a variety of reasons, we do not permit nudity on Uhive. This includes photos, videos, and some digitally-created content that includes sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of explicit nudity of buttocks, also images containing female nipples, however, images in the context of breastfeeding, birth giving, medical context (such as post-mastectomy, breast cancer conditions, or gender reassignment), or in protest context are allowed. Nudity in images of real word artwork and sculptures is allowed.

People may share images or videos of their children. For protection reasons, there are conditions when we may remove imageries that show nude or partially-nude children. Even when this content is shared with the right intentions, it could be used by others in unanticipated ways.

• Spam

Like you, we hate spam on our platform. Do not promise rewards if a user likes, comments, shares, or otherwise engages with your space/content. Content that contains any type of misleading content and directs users off Uhive to a significantly different place, and investment or financial scams (e.g. loan scams, advance fee scams, Ponzi or pyramid schemes.), inauthentic identity scams (e.g.Charity scams), product or rewards scams (spiritual or Illuminati scams, Fake jobs, work from home, get rich fast) will be removed. Any other behavior that is substantially similar to those listed above is not allowed on Uhive.

• Illegal Activities

We remove content that offers sexual services, selling or buying alcohol, and tobacco products between private individuals, and selling or buying firearms, and non-medical or pharmaceutical drugs will be removed. We do remove content that promotes sexual prostitution, the use of tobacco products or non-medical or pharmaceutical drugs also content that either admits to personal use (unless in the recovery or raising awareness context). Uhive zero-tolerance when it comes to sharing nudity or sexual activity including minors and CSAM or threatening to share intimate images or videos of others.

• Suicide, Self-Harm, and Eating Disorder

Maintain our supportive environment by not glorifying self-injury. We remove content depicting, promoting, normalizing, or glorifying activities that could lead to suicide, self-harm, or disordered eating, however, we do encourage people to share their personal experiences with these issues healthily and safely to raise awareness. We remove content identifying victims or survivors of self-injury if the content targets them for attack or humor.

• Extremist Organizations and Individuals

Uhive is not a place to support or praise terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups. Content that promotes glorifies, and supports, terrorist organizations, organized hate groups, and criminal organizations will be removed.

• Violent, Harmful Content

To shield users from disturbing imagery, we remove content that is mainly violent or harmful, such as videos depicting dismemberment, visible innards, or charred bodies. We additionally remove content that contains sadistic remarks towards imagery depicting the suffering of human beings and animals. Also, we remove content that depict the violent death of human being in real settings.

Help us, Help you

Should you come across content that you believe violates Uhive’s Community Guidelines, kindly help us by reporting it immediately. If you interact with a user you do not like but are not violating the guidelines, you can block the space and/or the user, and avoid further interactions and content from appearing in your feed. Just like that, they’re gone!

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