Uhive Rules

The Uhive Community Guidelines have been established to make it as simple as possible for every user to understand how Uhive stays a safe space for everyone. We want our users to be comfortable being themselves online, without overstepping any boundaries. By using Uhive you are agreeing to these guidelines and our Terms of Service. Should you violate any of the policies listed, it may result in your space being suspended and/or your account getting deleted from Uhive.


Maintain friendly user interactions. At Uhive, it’s about connecting people from around the world and creating a friendly and inclusive environment for all. Bullying will not be tolerated and all reported cases will be taken seriously and investigated.

Trolling and Impersonation

Uhive does not tolerate the use of false usernames to deliberately mislead others. Be your authentic self.

Threats and Harassment

Aggressive behaviour such as stalking, harassment, invading privacy and revealing another user’s personal information are all considered violations of the Uhive Guidelines. This can eventually lead to permanent banning from the App. Uhive does not condone such behaviour and will not hold a place for users who do so.

Pornography and Nudity

Uhive forbids users from posting and/or sharing sexually explicit content, engaging in sexual acts while on Uhive, or displaying posts wherein a person/s appear nude or partially nude. Images where the poses, camera angles, or props suggest pornographic intent. Should you do any of the above, Uhive will remove the content and suspend the space. In the case of a user re-offending, the user account will be permanently deleted.

Respect Fellow Uhivers

Uhive cultivates an inclusive community that encourages positive behaviour that allows users to feel comfortable online. Aggressive and violent behaviour towards race, ethnicity, cultures, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation and disabilities will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This also includes threats of physical and harmful behaviour. Reports regarding threats and harassment will be taken very seriously.


Like you, we hate spam on our platform.
Do not promise rewards if a user likes, comments, shares or otherwise engages with your space/content (e.g. like my posts and I'll like yours!) Posts that contains any type of misleading content and direct users off Uhive to a significantly different place will be removed.
Any other behavior that is substantially similar to those listed above is not allowed on Uhive.

Help us, Help you

Should you come across content that you believe violates Uhive’s Community Guidelines, kindly help us by reporting it immediately. If you interact with a user you don’t like but is not violating the guidelines, you can block the space and/or the user, and avoid further interactions and content from appearing in your feed. Just like that, they’re gone!

For further information, read our Terms of Service.

The Uhive Team