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Chances of Winning
Upcoming Draws:
Grand Prize 6th of July
Due to the volatility of the current crypto markets, we will be postponing the Grand prize draw until 6th of July.

Check your chances of winning this week

Your Chances of Winning

What does this mean?
How to increase your chances of winning?

💡 Via purchases - to qualify for the upcoming Sweepstakes, all your purchases will be valid for 30-days from the date of purchase, and will include ALL Sweepstakes draws taking place over those 30-days!.

💡 Via invites - to qualify for the upcoming Sweepstakes, EVERYONE you invite will increases your entries by one, and these entries are cumulative (they add up), so will never expire! They are valid throughout the entire Sweepstakes campaign.

If you are an active user on Uhive you have one chance every week to win a prize of up to one million tokens! However you can increase your chances when:

What do you mean by number of entries and my chances of winning?

By default each user has one entry(chance of winning) every draw, but, you can increase your chances by inviting new users or buying tokens (check above)

For example:

Existing users and new sign ups will have one entry (chance of winning) every draw If you invited 5 people to join Uhive, then you will have 6 entries i.e. 6 chances of winning the draw (as if you bought 6 lottery tickets instead of 1).

In addition to inviting new users, if you bought 4,000 tokens via the app, then you will increase your entries to four

💡 Please note, there is no limit to the number of entries you can accumulate via inviting new users and purchasing tokens via the app