Find your Freedom

Uhive Social Network

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Find your Freedom

Uhive Social Network

Sneak a peek

Find your Freedom

Uhive Social Network

Sneak a peek

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Uhive during the early stage - We are going full circle in a few months
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2 Billion

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8 Billion



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Hot Content on Uhive

Hot Content on Uhive

Uhive in 2022

Building a New Unified FREE World

We are building a decentralized world that will support Freedom of speech, Share of Wealth, and Democracy, a new vision that has never been seen or done before based on the FIVE Laws.

Freedom of Speech for Everyone

Based on our innovative decentralized moderation system, content is now controlled and judged by the users, NOT us, NOT politics, NOT Agendas, NOT financial gains.

Rewards for Everyone

Every person who is using and engaging within Uhive deserves a basic reward, and we are working to implement this soon.

A Metaverse Designed the Right Way

Uhive is designed from the ground up to be a Metaverse. Everything in Uhive has a location in a virtual world; Everything can be sold and traded.
Uhive Metaverse = New Virtual Life

A Place to Trade

We are building the most comprehensive virtual marketplace that will utilize Uhive internal economy and Uhive cryptocurrency Where you can sell NFTs, Space, Space names, Posts, Avatars, Cities etc…

Be Part of Uhive

Uhive is designed for the users, and any genuine user can become a moderator, ambassador or a council member. Uhive goal is to give the power back to the users.

A Social Network that promise to change everything

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Whats coming soon?

Want to know what’s coming soon?

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