Influencer Fund

At Uhive, we're allocating 5% of our token supply to influencers and partners who share our vision and are committed to making Uhive the next big thing in social media. We're looking for passionate, creative, and influential individuals with a strong presence in their niche and a highly engaged audience.

Why should you join?
  • Be part of a groundbreaking social media platform designed for the future
  • Enjoy exclusive perks, benefits, and support based on your audience size and engagement
  • Establish long-term partnerships with performance-based incentives
  • Collaborate on content creation, giveaways, and promotional activities to boost your presence and Uhive's growth

We welcome influencers and partners from various categories, ranging from nano to mega, as well as those who can add significant value to Uhive in terms of PR and media exposure.

If you have a strong influence within your community and are ready to join our mission, register your interest below.

Please note that we prioritize partnerships with individuals who can make a significant impact on Uhive's growth. Let's work together to make Uhive the #1 social network! 🌐🎉